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GOSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-funded enterprise which was established in October 2001 covering an area of 80,000 sq.m. with registered capital of 20.36 million dollars and total investment of 35.48 million dollars. We invested in world-class production and testing equipment. The main production equipment includes Germany Schumag drawing machine, Taiwan Elite production and Japanese straightening machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, annealing furnace, eddy current flaw detector, etc. And Testing equipment includes tensile testing machine, laser diameter gage, surface roughness tester, roundness tester, hardness tester, metallographic analyzer, coercivity tester and so on.

Our staples are inclusive of cold drawn bright bars and grinding bars with specification range from 2 to 80mm made from high-, medium-, low-carbon steel, free-cutting steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, etc. According to the reliable quality, GOSUN has been designated by many leading enterprises in automobile and printer area.

The products are mainly suitable for precision processing and manufacturing with high straightness, roundness and machinability, such as printers, automobiles, fasteners, etc.

Since the establishment of the factory, the company always sticks to the concept of service first, quality first, and integrity first. After 20 years of unremitting efforts, it has gradually gained recognition of the industry. Now it has reached an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons and an annual sales of 60,000 tons. It has certified by ISO9001: 2015, IATF16949 quality systems and ISO14001 environmental system.

With the continuous growth, it has developed from an enterprise to a company that takes GOSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. as the head office and Ningbo GOSUN, Suzhou GOSUN, Dongguan GOSUN, Shanghai GOSUN as its subsidiary company.


May  Developed an anti-deformation steel round bar which obtained national patent,patent no.: ZL 2019 2 2162953.9.

July  Obtained 4 national patents,they are sand blasting equipment for round bar with patent No. ZL 2019 2 2193978.5, anti-corrosion hexagonal steel bar with patent No. ZL 2019 2                 2193933.8, head device for steel bar with patent No. ZL 2019 2 2162954.3 and a forming unit for high performance steel with patent No. ZL 2019 2 2139027.X.

Aug  Suzhou Gosun branch was establised.

Oct  Dongguan Gosun branch was established.

Nov  Equipped with coercivity detector.


Jan  Introduced one Japanese Shimizu compound drawing machine, the first drawing production line in the province that can produce a maximum specification of 50mm, so far, 10 fully imported drawing machine production lines have been completed.

Mar Developed customized automatic packaging unit.

Apr  Ningbo GOSUN branch was established.

Sept  Added spheroidizing annealing furnace equipment.

Oct  The second phase of the construction of a new plant of  3,333 sq. meter has started.

Nov  Passed the ISO14001 environmental certification system.


Apr  The self-developed flaw detector was launched.

Aug  Introduced 3 DISA sandblasting machines.

Nov  Passed the IATF16949 automobile quality certification system.

Dec  Introduced 2 Taiwan Elite drawing machines.


Apr  Disable natural gas boilers and switch to steam heating, further responding to the call for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Dec  Passed the ISO9001:2015 version upgrade system.


Feb   For five consecutive years, it has been awarded the honorary titles of "five-star enterprise", "integrity tax-paying enterprise (above 5 million yuan)" and "advanced collective" by the government.

May   Imported Showa oil mist treatment equipment from Japan to improve the production environment.


Jul  Introduced Japanese Masuda two-roll straighteners and chamfering machines to improve the surface finish and straightness of small-size products to meet the high standards of customers.

Dec  A new assembly line was added: the compound drawing machine production line and the Japanese Shinto sandblasting machine, and the installation and trial production were completed. In response to the call for energy conservation and environmental protection, we eliminated diesel boilers and purchased more environmentally friendly natural gas boilers. The power supply expansion project of 630KVA was completed, with a total capacity of 1630KVA.


Jul   There is 1 DISA sandblasting machine, so far there are 6 assembly lines, 5 of which have sandblasting process.

Dec   Purchased Tokyo Precision Cylindricity to accurately measure the roundness of the product and better understand the quality of the product.


Jul      Won the title of "2013 Advanced Enterprise Enthusiastic in Charity", "Five-Star Enterprise", and "2013 Enterprise with Honest Tax Payments of More than 5 Million"

Sept   Obtained the "Zhejiang Clean Production Stage Achievement Enterprise" issued by Zhejiang Environmental Protection Department.

Oct     Passed the selection of "Safety Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise (Machinery)" and obtained the certificate.


Mar   Introduced 4 sets of Swiss DISA sandblasting machines to gradually reduce environment impact.

Sep   Obtained the "Zhejiang Clean Production Stage Achievement Enterprise" issued by Zhejiang Environmental Protection Department.


Dec   Introduced 2 sets of compound drawing machines from Germany. 


Sep   Introduced 1 advanced equipment drawing machine of German Schumacher.


Dec The second phase of the workshop was completed, and 2 "wire storage type wire drawing machines" were introduced.


JulObtained corporate credit rating: A level.

Aug  German Schumacher advanced equipment introduced 3 drawing machines


Oct  Obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Obtained corporate credit rating: A level.


Jul  Introduced 2 Japanese compound drawing machines.

Aug  Officially put into operation.。


Oct Established Zhejiang GOSUN Machinery Hardware Co., Ltd. It is wholly owned by the United States and operated in Taiwan. It is located at No. 177 Jinxiu Avenue, Yaozhuang Town, Jiashan County, covering an area of 52 mu.

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